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Røde Wireless Go II — Two Transmitters, One Receiver, and so much more!

Now Røde actually released an upgrade to the Wireless GO and features dual transmitters, stereo recording, a safety track, and in built recording to the device (so you have a backup or can record without a camera).

The Røde Wireless GO has been my go to Wireless Mic whenever possible. I have tested many alternatives (especially the Hollyland Lark 150 and the Comica BoomX-D2) and both of those featured Two Transmitters & one Receiver with many modes.

However, I always said: if you want quality and connection stability, I’d go with the Røde Wireless GO and choose the others only if you need two transmitters and watch the cost (the Røde tends to be more expensive than the other sets).

Now, with this new version, there is no question… I’d choose the Røde Wireless Go II for my productions!

It’s also interesting to look at the Røde SC15 & SC19 with which you can connect this set to your iPhone via Lightning and get additional featuers.

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